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these two anti-ship missiles,

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falhave said, "YJ -12" and "YJ -100" warhead so powerful, it can paralyze or hit a ton warship sunk. Military expert Li Li, said during an interview with CCTV, the two long-range anti-ship missiles on large surface ships are very lethal."YJ-12 and" YJ -100 "anti-ship called Hutch." Li Li case evaluation of these two anti-ship missiles, "YJ -12" The biggest feature is not in range, and in its speed, it can achieve "double 3" or "dual 4", ie a range of 300 kilometers, the speed of Mach 3, or 400 km range, speed Mach 4. When anti-ship warfare, missile if reducing the height and sp  nike lunar hyperdunk 2013 shoeseed of the implementation of such a covert penetration, it is difficult to respond to each other within the effective period of time in the final phase of flight. In addition, such a missile warhead usually 400-500 kilograms of large surface ships have great big killer, 300-400 km range, air defense has reached the limit from the large surface ships. "'YJ -12' powerful capabilities anti-surface ship exactly what the US is very worried.""YJ -100" is not a supersonic missile, its biggest feature is the long range. According to Li Li introduced, if "YJ -100" range

can reach 800 kilometers, will be able to on the aircraft carrier and other large surface targets launched a long-range strike over the horizon, and the other is difficult to make an appropriate response. Like the United States in the future if the missile ALCM achieve the same range of 2500 km, will be the opponent of large surface ships combat a tremendous strike capability.Some analysts said, "YJ -12" in China will be equipped with the Navy's H-6 bombers and new JH -7B fighter. In addition, future equipment in 055 missile destroyer "YJ -100" will allow the "Chinese Aegis" destroyers menace.Li Li said the latest improved boom boom -6K is -6, and its aim is to become a modified cruise missile carrier aircraft, implemented in Standoff large surface ships of long-range strike. JH -7b anike zoom kd iv sale  ctually a stealth version of the Flying Leopard, mount it, "YJ -12" can be achieved while air or sea based combat. 055 destroyers as the future of our military aircraft except the largest surface combatants, it must become the basic carrier of large missiles. Before and after each 64 Unai ship system, not only can be installed like "YJ -100" a large anti-ship

missiles, anti-submarine missiles can also be loaded, air defense and other different purposes. The fiscal year 2016 budget the government nearly $ 4 trillion of February 2 submission, US President Barack Obama tried to continue to promote his "middle-class economics."In trying to impose higher taxes for the wealthy while Obama wants tax cuts for low-income people. He also plans to US companies overseas profits accumulated tim nike lebron soldier 8 sale  e charge of 14% of the tax, and the future of overseas earnings of these companies impose a 19% tax.Infrastructure is a theme of the 2016 fiscal year budget, budget reports cover photo is an aging bridge on the Hudson River. The budget includes a six-year, total traffic, and $ 478 billion infrastructure program, hoping to repair America's highways and bridges, and modernizing. Obama plans to pay for half the cost of the above tax profits of US companies overseas. He also proposed establishment of a national infrastructure bank.Obama Budget submission needs to be approved by Congress to take effect, but in the Republican-controlled Congress is expected to pass this budget will be difficult to obtain."President Obama today

under the pressure of the

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l questioned parties, Hareon shareholders Jiurun pipe industry in just two days, the rapid reduction of 7845 million shares, of the total share capital of 4.98%, the cumulative cash amount close to 700 million yuan. It should be noted that the actual control of the nine-run pipe industry, it is only in October last year, resigned Hareon Ren Xiangdong, former chairman.January 29, Hareon announcement, said the inquiry after receiving the letter of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the company is actively communicate with relevant shareholders, adjusted reduction plan. However, under the pressure of the parties, the so-called adjustment is only "fine tuning" of it, but still insisted Hareon, adjusted reduction  nike zoom hyperrev sale  plan more in line with the interests of the majority of listed companies and investors.January 31, Hareon announcement that the preliminary estimates by the Finance department, the expected amount in 2014 losses of about 800 million yuan, which is a great blow to the confidence of market parties. The company once again received a "letter of inquiry" issued by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the requirements of the relevant issues instructions and submit the list of insider knowledge of staff, then the company's stock has been suspended.February 3, Hareon announcement said the inquiry after

receiving the letter of reply sent to the Shanghai Stock Exchange letter, asking the company for further verification of the relevant issues. For these reasons, the company apply for the stock since February 3 to continue the suspension.800 million loss to disclose the mystery of time depositSince 2014, the situation appeared Hareon reduced losses and even losses, the parties once the market for the company's performance in 2014 high hopes, shortly before the shareholders at the time of the three jointly proposed high delivery plan, also said it was "based Hareon future development needs and combine Hareon 2014 actual operating conditions, in order to actively return to shareholders, the company's future operating results to share with all shareholders. "Today Hareon-losing 800 million yuan in reality, these shareholders stand to form a stark contrast - what about the huge loss the company in return  What operating results can be shared Although Hareon has fallen for five days last week, but may not have been the end of the nightmare. The company announced the results after the notice has been in a state of suspension. Many investors worry, innike air max hyperposite online  case of loss of performance support, about to be ST, the company's share price will be under what pressure. Many investors even more angry is the third

largest shareholder Hareon Jiurun pipe industry, but bad results before exploding precise flee.It should be noted that the performance forecast announced Hareon point also attracted the attention of the industry. An industry source cautioned, Hareon's performance forecast can be said stepping announced last point. A Shanghai-listed company secretaries also to the "Daily Economic News" reporter confirmed that if the annual performance fluctuations, it is required to disclose results notice, but at this point in time must be less than in January, is the latest in January 31.A legal profession also pointed out that under the provisions of the "Shanghai Stock Exchange Listing Rules", the listed company expects operating results for the year will be one of the following situations occur, the performance should be carried out within one month after the end of the notice in the fiscal year, one Net profit for the situation is negative. In other words, the point Hareon Pre-losing, just that in the last day of the disclosure requirements, but in the mnike air max hyperposite saleeantime, a huge reduction in progress in the nine-run pipe industry. People power Beijing February 4 (Qiu Yue) Recently, website exposure, "YJ -12" supersonic anti-ship missiles and "YJ -100" Remote anti-ship cruise missiles, images and other information. Some analysts

the times to achieve the

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comprehensively promote the rule of law and consolidate the party's ruling position, safeguarding national long ChangzhiAn essential rely on. Under the new situation, the party's mass organizations work can only be strengthened, not weakened; only improvement to improve, not stagnant. Better mass organizations must play a role in bringing the masses to rally more closely around the party, brought together from the realization of "twoA hundred years "goal, to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream of a powerful positive energy."Opinions" that strengthen and improve the party's mass organizations under the new situation, we must implement the Party's 18 and the eighth session of the Third and Fourth Plenum, hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, take Deng Xiaoping Theory, " Three Represents "important thought,Scientific concept of development as guidance, thoroughly implement the General Secretary Xi Jinping series important speech, firmly grasp the theme of the times to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream and struggle, and unswervingly follow the development path of socia nike lebron 11 onlinelism with Chinese characteristics, mass organizations, the broadest masses organizationUp, mobilize, unite and strive to advance the great cause of socialism with Chinese

characteristics."Opinions" stressed that the development path of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the Communist Party of China to carry out mass mass organizations working to promote the great cause of the party's creation, is an important part of the socialist road with Chinese characteristics. The basic characteristics of the various mass organizations are consciously accept the party's collarGuide, unity service contact with the masses, according to the law of unity charter work. Unswervingly follow the development path of socialism with Chinese characteristics and mass organizations, we must adhere to the unified leadership of the party's mass organizations, adhere to play bridge and link, stick around the center, great serviceBureau, adhere to service people work lifeline, adhere to the times, reform and innovation, adhere to the law in accordance with the articles of association independent work to ensurenike lebron 10 cheap that work is always synch with the mass organizations of the party and the state."Opinions" pointed out that strengthening the party's leadership is the fundamental guarantee of work to do mass organizations. Party committees at all levels must be clear leadership responsibility for the mass organizations work, a sound organizational system, improve the

working mechanism, from top to bottom to form a strong organization and leadership system. To promote population groupsOrganizations unite and mobilize the masses around the central task of contributions, consciously cultivate and practice the socialist core values, mass organizations to strengthen support services and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people working to support mass organizations play a role in socialist democracy, support group missionsOrganizations involved in innovation and social governance and maintaining social stability, promoting reform and innovation mass organizations, and enhance the vitality, increase support for eff  nike kobe 8 onlineorts to protect mass organizations, mass organizations to strengthen the leadership and cadres, the party's mass organizations comprehensively improve the level of work ."Opinions" that the mass organizations of the party and government with the masses of the bridge and link. To consciously obey the party's leadership, strengthen the masses, more problem-solving things and good things for the masses, maintenance and development of the people's interests, and constantly

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